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Passport Renewal 
Q. What does your Passport Renewal service provide?
A. We assist with Adult Renewal, Name Change, Data Correction and Limited Term passport application forms, photos, and shipping to the US State Department. We ensure all forms are properly completed, photos meet high standards and all necessary documents are provided for fast, hassle free renewal.

Q. Is my passport eligible for renewal?
A. If your passport was good for 10 years, is not mutilated or severely damaged, and is less than 15 years from the issue date, you are eligible for renewal

Q. What if my passport is damaged?
A. It depends on the severity. Torn books or damaged information page typically disqualifies regular renewal and will require renewal at a government passport facility. If you’re unsure, feel free to stop in and let us take a look.

Q. What if my name has changed since my last passport was issued?
A. The original or certified copy of your Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree is required along with your most recent passport book. See Name Change for more information.

Q. How long will it take to renew my passport?
A. In office processing, including form review and photo takes about 15 minutes. You will receive your renewed passport anywhere from 2-3 weeks depending of the service you choose.

Q. Can I bring in my completed renewal application form?
A. Yes. While providing and assisting with forms is part of our service, you are welcome to bring your completed application at your preference. We will review the application and documents you provide to ensure everything is in order for fast, hassle free passport renewal.

Q.Do I need to make an appointment?
A. No. There is never a long wait and the entire in-office process takes 15 – 20 minutes.

Q. Do you take passport photos?
A. Yes. Photos are taken in office and included in our package prices.

Q. I was 15 or younger when my last passport was issued. Can I renew at your office?
A. If you were 15 or younger when your passport was issued, then you are holding a minor’s 5 year passport. Renewal for a minor’s 5 year passport is a different process than an adult 10 year passport issued at the age or 16 and up. We can take your photo, then refer you to Guam Passport Office at Department of Revenue and Taxation for renewal.

Q. What application forms do we need?
A. Please see our passport form page for your particular circumstance. We provide and assist with DS-82 adult renewal forms, DS-5504 Data Correction, First Year Name Change or Limited Term form

Q. Can I drop off renewal documents for another person?
A. Yes. You will need to provide their properly completed and signed DS-82 application, waiver forms, photo and payment. We will review the documents with you when you bring them in.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
A. We accept cash, credit, debit or business check. No personal checks.

Q. What if I bring my own photo?
A. We take $9 off our package price if you provide your own photo that meets passport photo standards.

Q. Is there a fee to change my name on my current passport?
A. If your passport was issued less than a year ago, there is no State Department fee. We charge $45 for photo, shipping and service fee for 3 week renewal or $149 for 7-11 business days. If your passport was issued more than 1 year ago, regular renewal fees apply.

Q. Can I extend my current passport?
A. No

Q. Can I use my official or Military/Dependent Passport to get a Tourist passport?
A. Yes. Provided you do not have a current tourist passport that has been lost. You’ll need to submit the official passport which will be returned to you fully valid once the tourist passport is issued.

Q. Can I renew my limited term passport at APRC?
A. Check the instructions on the letter given to you when your limited passport was issued. It will depend on the documentation, such as valid proof of citizenship, when the passport was issued. Most limited term passport are renewable within the time period stamped on the back page of the book.

Q. The data on my current book was misprinted. How do I correct it?
A. You can submit the current passport, proof of proper information such as birth certificate and previously issued passport, and photo. Usually, a new corrected book is issued and will good for 10 years from new issuance date. At times, the State Department may determine the error was due to the applicant providing inaccurate information. If such a determination is made, the applicant will receive a letter instructing them how to proceed. APRC will assist in any way we can, such as shipping additional documents.
Please visit for passport information, forms, country information, etc.

Q. How much does it cost to get something notarized?
A. $10 each for first two signatures, $8 each additional signature

Q. What time is your notary in?
A. We always have a notary in the office during business hours.

Q. Do we need to make an appointment?
A. No need to make an appointment, walk-ins welcome.

Q. Does the individual signing need to present?
A. Yes, the individual signing needs to be present and provide their photo ID.
Tip: It is best to wait to sign your document until you are with the notary.



Q. How much do photos cost?
A. We charge $10 for a set of 2 photos

Q. How many photos do we need to do the passport?
A. 1

Q. Can you take baby photos?
A. Yes. We take photos for people of any age.

Q. How long is the wait?
A. It takes no more than 5 minutes to print the picture.